Cross OrgVDC Networking in vCD 9.5

Cross OrgVDC Networking in vCD 9.5

vCloud Director v9.5 introduced support for OrgVDC networks which could span multiple OrgVDCs in one, or more, Provider VDCs. While this is a powerful capability, it brought with it some new configuration workflows both within vCD and in the surrounding networking layers. My VMware colleagues Daniel Paluszek, Abhinav Mishra and Wissam Mahmassani wrote a series of great blog posts over on the VMware Cloud Provider Blog which explain these workflows and the different options they bring. I can’t take any credit for the posts, awesome though they are, but I do find myself regularly using them as a reference in workshops with VMware partners. I usually end up searching for the posts, and then sending links to them to the workshop attendees so they can read the content at their leisure.

To make that process easier, I decided to list them here so they’re easier to find, and, in order.

Cross-VDC Networking Blog Series

  1. Introduction and Use Cases
  2. Getting Started with Cross-VDC networking
  3. High-Level Provider Design
  4. Design Considerations and Conclusions

Thanks to Daniel, Abhinav and Wissam for the original series and I hope you find their posts useful. If there are areas you want to know more about, drop me a note in the comments below.

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