OCVS Networking Reference Architecture Poster

OCVS Networking Reference Architecture Poster

As a first class citizen of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, the network layers of the Oracle Cloud VMware Solution are interlinked with those of the parent OCI Virtual Cloud Network (VCN). Understanding how the networks of each layer relate to each other is important, but difficult to visualize, so, to help with that, here’s a Reference Architecture poster.

This reference architecture poster was first published on the cloud.vmware.com community blog, and you can check out / download the full-sized PDF by clicking on the thumbnail below.

A coupe of things to note:

  • This is a visualization of the way the pieces fit together, designed to help us understand the connectivity in a way which isn’t always obvious, even when logged into the Oracle Cloud console or the vSphere components in your OCVS SDDC.
  • The VCN Routing in the center of the diagram exists behind the scenes and you don’t really see it in the way it is shown here.
  • Each of the subnets and VLANs have their own Routing Tables (but can also share common RTs), so arguably act like they are connected to Routers which are then connected to the VCN routing. But, more Router Inception is not more helpful here.
  • You can only see/manipulate VLANs if your tenancy is subscribed to the OCVS service within OCI.

There is (at the time of publication), a bug in the OCI console which only allows Tenant Admins to see the VLAN list in the VCN resources view. If you have OCVS and cannot see the VLANs there, you can switch to the Compute Instances view, choose an ESXi host, and look at its attached vNICs. This will get you into each VLAN’s details view where you can see/edit its External Access VIPs etc.

This is a scarily short post by NT.B standards, but don’t worry, there are a several longer ones in the works. There’s even a whole series of NAT-related ones, as if the last lot weren’t more than enough for anyone!

If you have any questions, or want to know more, drop a comment below.

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